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Mr. B|Spring Mini-Session 2016

This was a really neat session for me! I worked with this little guy's parents for their maternity shoot a couple years back. B is your typical boy through and through. He's full of spontaneity, adventure and wonder. He kept me on my feet and I was running all over just to keep up with him but that's what makes these pictures so amazing. If it's one thing I have learned when it comes to children, it's that they have their own agenda. They will dance to their own beat and you pretty much have to conform (within reason, of course!). I find sessions with children so much more fun when they are allowed to just be themselves. It they want to run, I let them. If they want to play with leaves and pine cones, I encourage it. A session goes much smoother when you allow a child to be himself. I never pose young children because they aren't meant to sit still. I want to see their personalities and I want them to have fun with me!

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