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Anytime I meet a new bride & groom, there are two pieces of advice that I ALWAYS give to them.

1) Make sure the two of you sit back and really take the day in. Take in how all your planning and hard work have come together to make this day so incredibly perfect. Seriously. Take at least 5 minutes to really bask in your hard work.

2) Something will go wrong. Don't stress because chances are you two with be the ONLY ones who notice and your guests never will. Trust me on this. There were a few details at my own wedding that weren't correct and I just shrugged it off. It happens and it really isn't that big of a deal. I promise.

This gorgeous, timeless, classic, and traditional Catholic wedding was no different from any other wedding I have been blessed to attend. To date though, their 'oops' of their wedding day was a little more than a decorative slip up.

We were set to take pictures at Hollis Gardens before the reception. It was going to be during sunset and if you have NEVER been to Hollis Gardens, you seriously need to go because it is AH-MAZING! I was so excited to be shooting such a picturesque backdrop at sunset.

Well, you guys, the sun was starting to set and the bride and groom weren't even at their reception location. I started to get a little nervous because the light was fading quickly.

The poor groom & bride got left at the church. OOPS! The groom's brother had his keys and they both forgot about it until the groom attempted to leave the church with his new bride and they couldn't go anywhere. He had to get a hold of his brother, who was already en-route to the reception site and he had to turn around and go back to the church. Yikes!

If that isn't nerve wracking enough, Hollis Gardens closes at a certain time... By the time the bride and groom got to me, they were starting to shut the gates to the gardens. We pretty much begged to be given just 5 minutes. The sun had already set and the lighting was next to nothing... I was literally shooting in the dark. Which is no big deal, minus the fact of really trying to see if things are in focus, especially when all you see are shadows. It's a serious challenge. FOR REAL.

Also, having ONLY 5 minutes to work my magic had me filled with all kinds of anxiety. You want to know something though? I love challenges and I love being able to push my camera to its limits and I happen to enjoy shooting right after the sun sets. Sometimes the sky does amazing things during that time and this particular night, it sure did deliver.

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