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The 'O' Family | Family Session

One of my really good friends, who is in the real-estate business, came to me at the end of the year and requested to purchase a gift certificate for one of her lucky clients.

I'm so happy that this beautiful family were the chosen ones to receive this gift!

I haven't laughed that hard during a family session in such a looooooong time. Every single one of them had one heck of a personality.

From our short time together, it was clear that they not only share many laughs with one another but they share a solid bond as well.

I'm always in 'awe' of the parents who have more than 2 kids. Why? Because I'm pretty sure I would start losing children and my mind after the 2nd kid. No, really... There are some days that I feel like I am barely surviving -- especially now that my husband travels so much for work.

You mamas of 3+ kids, you are rockstars in my eyes!!

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