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A & T | Wedding Package | Engagement Session

You know when you meet people and you just click with them right away? That's how it was when I first met 'A' during our wedding consultation. She was so incredibly bubbly and just has one of those smiles that can really light up a whole room.

Her other half is no different. He was just as warm as she is. They're two people who you see together and it all makes sense.

There were many laughs during our session and 'T' was such a trooper! He was totally into their engagement session and the two of them really had a lot of fun with it. It was amazingly awesome!

This was one of those sessions, where the hour flew by way too quick and the sky couldn't have been any more gorgeous.

Even when I told them that it was a wrap, I had to sneak in a couple more quick portraits, as the sky started to turn this amazing shade of reddish pink. It's like it was on fire.

This session is definitely up there in my top favorites!

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