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Miss 'S' | Cake Smash Session

The first year of a new parent's life is so incredibly monumental.

It's a year of some of the most beautiful and choatic moments all rolled up into one big ball of emotion.

There comes a time, in the middle of the night, usually around 3 a.m., when you start to question if you will ever sleep again uninterrupted, as you are feeding your new precious bundle of joy. Thoughts whirl around in your head 'am I good enough?,' 'am I doing this right?,' 'will I be enough for this child?.' The answer to all those questions is 'yes.' It's always 'yes.'

In just of a blink of an eye, the year has gone by in a blur. Those sleepless nights, a distant memory and now you start to enter the world of 'toddler-hood.' The sleepless nights you wished went away quicker, you will now long for again because as sleep deprived as a mother or father was at that time, you needed those moments more than you realized. There's an amazing calm that comes at 3 a.m., while you sit in a barely lit room feeding your child. There's a sense of peace. A beautiful calming peace.

A toddler is a whole other breed of human. The tantrums... Oh, the tantrums! While they can be a bit unnerving at times, they can be a bit comical to watch unfold. Imagine if we, as adults, could just throw ourselves down in the middle of Publix and just scream it out because the jelly isn't the shade of purple you want it to be. You think I'm kidding here? No, I'm not. Toddlers are actually quite complex individuals. This is where they start to really come into their own. Their personalities will really start to shine and they start to really blossom into little people. It's amazing.

A year goes by way too quick. But the ride as a parent is one that is never dull and never lacks excitement.

Happy birthday, Miss 'S!' Just know with all the new amazing things you are learning, you are teaching your parents so many many beautiful and wonderful things.

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