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What is the absolute best part of my job? That's a tough one for me to answer, since I get to spend some of my time meeting some really incredible individuals and participating in some of the best kept secrets! This session was a last minute schedule -- they asked me if I could schedule them the same day they had reached out to me and without any kind of hesitation, I agreed to a time and place. I'm pretty flexible like that and love what I do so much that I don't have an issue fitting people in whenever I can. I have had this gallery done for a while now and have been just dying to share them with the world! I've been stalking both S & T's Facebook pages to see when they were announcing to their friends/family with the photos from this super fun session. Now that the secret is FINALLY out, I feel like I can scream it out from the rooftops -- CONGRATULATIONS, GUYS!!! You are in for one heck of a ride and your lives are going to forever change, for the better. After this session, I can officially say how I pour my blood (literally...there was blood this session), sweat & tears into my work. I'm clumsy, most people know that of me; however, as long as I get the shot I want, I will do what it takes...including having thorns tear through my skin. Ha!

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