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Miss 'G' Turns 3 | Family Session | Grow with Me

The amazingly beautiful spring weather is officially gone and we are in the full swing of the heat of the summer...and it's ONLY May, you guys.

Honestly, though, you would have never known how hot, sticky, and humid it was from glancing at this session. Miss 'G' certainly didn't mind the unbearable heat, as the rest of us felt as though we were dying.

I think that's one of my most favorite parts when I do a session with children. They generally do NOT care if it's hot, cold, rainy, or perfect out. They just keep on going with their incredible little human self.

Three year olds are interesting little humans. No, really, they are... They are starting to come into that stage where they want their independence and they have sass... So.much.sass. You think two's are an interesting stage of life?? HA! Three's are so much more crazy, chaotic, fun, and filled with the infamous 'threenager attitude.' The attitude is strong, you guys. Trust me on this. I have a three year old of my own, who will actually tell me he's going to bed, when he doesn't feel like eating his meal and he will excuse himself from the table and put himself to bed.

I've been blessed with the amazing friendship of Miss 'G's' parents. We go way back. It's awesome to see how different our lives are now compared to nine years ago. We've been through so much together and watching our kids grow up together is so much fun. Good friends are so incredibly hard to come by; however, I am so blessed for my tribe and for these lovely people to be a part of it.

I am always incredibly humbled when my friends ask me to do pictures for them. It's an honor that out of all the amazing photographers out there, they choose me.

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