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Mr. & Mrs. B | Wedding Package | Coquina Beach

"Love is old, love is new, love is all, love is you..."

- The Beatles


We are in the full swing of summer, at least according to the weather anyway. This amazing ceremony took place on the beautiful white sands of Coquina Beach, which is located on Longboat Key on Anna Maria Island. This gorgeous beach is the longest stretch of beach on the southern end of the island. The water is a beautiful shade of emerald green and it really is a little slice of paradise. Haven't been there before, I highly recommend you check it out!

It was hot, this particular African hot. The groom and groomsmen really didn't want to do pictures outside, which I totally didn't blame them but as soon as I told them it would be fun, painless, and not too serious, they were on board. I told them I wanted to capture the true essence of who they were and not who I wanted them to be for our portrait session. For me, I want each session with my couples and their friends to be an exact replication of them. I want them to not only feel something, when they look back on their images, I want them to relive their special day through their images and feel as if that very moment just happened.

This dynamic duo are exactly what soulmates are all about. They have history going back to high school. They dated, broke up, went their separate ways, and then destiny brought these two back together.

He was a little nervous. I gave him some reassurance, as I spent some time with him.

Their first look was everything. Literally.

I got to ask her right before he turned around, if she was nervous, and without missing a beat, this warm smile spread across her lips and she had this instant twinkle in her eye (the girl was beaming), and she answered sweetly, 'no, this is exactly what I had always hoped for and I am so ready to marry him."

My heart melted, right there, on that dock.

Watching him slowly turn to face his soon-to-be wife, as she slowly walked toward him, her bouquet in one hand, her dress in the other, was a heart stopping moment. In that moment, it was as if time completely stopped. I had to catch my breath a little, as I snapped away relentlessly. It was in that very moment, that it was so incredibly clear. These two were truly meant for one another.

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