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The 'T' Family | Family Session

The weather here has been brutal in the afternoons. I have rescheduled so many sessions due to rain it's not even funny. We *almost* had to reschedule this one too but we decided to give it a 'go' and see if we could beat the rain and guess what!? WE DID! YAY!

The best part about the sun hiding? It's not *as* hot as it usually is but still pretty icky out regardless. These guys were such troopers. Also, the lighting is perfection when it's overcast and you have amazing dark blue stormy skies.

The 'T" Family are Long Island natives, who transplanted to the Tampa area. I always love meeting other fellow Long Islanders. I asked them how they are enjoying the summer heat and 'A' said it best 'You don't have to shovel heat.'

This is so very true! So, while I may complain about this African heat, it could totally be so much more worse.

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