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There was thunder, and lightning, and rainbows, OH MY!

This engagement session was pure magic -- from the way they looked at one another to the amazing beauty that went on in the sky.

We have had one heck of a time scheduling this engagement session. We had to reschedule once due to rain and then had scheduling conflicts that went on for about a month but you know what? I am soooooo glad we had all those obstacles because it made the wait soooooo incredibly worth it.

M & K met on Tinder and have been inseparable ever since. Their love is so incredibly obvious and I had such a wonderful time with them.

I questioned my sanity several times, as I drove through the torrential blinding down pour of rain that was going on. Even as I hydroplaned a couple of times, I briefly thought that we should really reschedule; however, the blue skies and sunshine that my sister sent to me (she lives near where this session took place), had me convinced that this was just another obstacle I would have overcome to make this session happen. Hell, I was committed to this and was determined to make it happen.

When I pulled up to the little guard house, I joked with the woman, as I handed her my debit card, "I hope this rain holds out long enough for my clients..." She wished me luck and I drove on. I was pretty certain the horrific storm I drove through was for sure coming my way. I parked, got out, and was certain that this right here may have been the dumbest idea I have had in a long time. I mean, summers in Florida are no joke with the powerful punch its thunderstorms pack. Again, I was committed and determined to make this session happen regardless.

When M & K arrived, we made our way to the beach, and we saw this beautiful part of a rainbow off in the distance...then it started to rain and we made a run for the car. We waited about 2 minutes or so and the rain was done but the sky was still an ominous black but we continued. Mother Nature was surely working in our favor because not only did the storm somewhat go around us, she gave us an amazingly beautiful double rainbow to work with, an amazing sunset, and clouds that were a beautiful shade of purple and pink, after the sun had set. Everything about this session was pure perfection and I can NOT wait to see the awesomeness that ensues the day of their wedding!

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