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A & J | Christmas Mini-Session

This year was a bit different for my Christmas sessions. I didn't advertise for them and I didn't have an actual 'theme.' I recently had my baby (10 weeks ago to be exact) and I am just starting to ease back into things, since I've had this entire year off due to medical reasons (unrelated to my pregnancy). I had a bit of a scare in the beginning of this year and had to lay low and during this scare, I found out I was pregnant with baby #2. All is okay, I'm 100% better, and I am now ready to get back to where I was before I had to take this hiatus.

Some of my previous clients expressed interest in doing a mini-session with me this holiday season and were very understanding when it came to my lack of a theme. This made me excited, since I haven't really worked with many clients this year and my toddler and new baby have been the only people in front of my lens (not that this is a bad thing, they're super adorable!).

For some of you not familiar with mini-sessions, these are quick sessions -- 30 minutes vs my 60 minute sessions (typically themed). I only offer these sessions during certain times of the year. These sessions are perfect for families looking to update their portraits with or without the props. The 30 minutes works beautifully for families with small children (6 months and older), since children tend to have ideas of their own and are less likely to want to be in front of a camera for 60 minutes. It's also perfect for the adults that just want something quick and fast moving.

This particular mini-session left me in tears (from laughing so hard). Not all portrait sessions have to be serious. As a matter of fact, I encourage my clients to do what feels natural for them. If being goofy and fun is what they feel most comfortable with, I full heartedly embrace all the weird! Seriously, it makes a session go super quick and it's F-U-N! I'm very 'go with the flow' and am a bit quirky myself and love when clients just want to have fun with me. I also LOVE when clients involve their pets! Let's face it, folks, pets are family members too. These two doggies are just too cute for words!

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